Below are charts of the specifications sizes dimensions for the industrys leading 42u enclosure computer racks. Welcome to the world of legrand global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures. Legrand Linkeo2 Rack Armoire Gris Ral 7016 42u 19 646760 A 42u rack would have an internal rack unit height dimension of 735 inches 18669 […]

Armoire Serveur Charge 1000 Kgs H 42u L 600 P 1000 Armoire Pour Serveur Rack 19 Max 42u 800 X 1 200 Mm Max Baie Serveur 19 Pouces En Kit Ligne 800 Capacite 42u Lxpxh Mm 800x1000x2060 Ref 71023 Armoire De Brassage 42u 800 800 Armoire Serveur Rack 42u Apc Armoire Netshelter Sx 42u Deep […]